Welcome to the Project 3 website!

Project Title: Effects of very low nicotine cigarettes in smokers with schizophrenia.

During assessments, you will use this website to randomize participants, allocate and assign cartons, and access data collection platforms.

The site will also be used to access data and reports.

Project 3 will evaluate the effects of very low nicotine content(VLNC) cigarettes on cigarettes smoked per day, nicotine and tobacco exposure, nicotine/tobacco dependence, psychiatric symptoms, cognitive functioning, smoking topography, and other measures of discomfort and perceived risk in smokers with schizophrenia.

Project PI :
Dr. Jennifer Tidey
Project Managers:
Emily Xavier     emily_xavier@brown.edu
Netesha Reid     netesha_reid@brown.edu
Administrative Core Manager:
Tonya Lane     tjd50@pitt.edu