CENIC's Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is housed at the University of Pittsburgh and serves the following functions:

  1. provides management and oversight of the U54 and facilitates communication and collaboration among the investigators;
  2. develops and maintains integrated and quality methods, measures, data collection, and data management;
  3. provides forums for discussing how these studies contribute to the potential regulation of nicotine and other addictive constituents of tobacco;
  4. disseminates findings to researchers, regulatory agencies and the public;
  5. manages SPECTRUM supply and randomization for all participating projects.

An Advisory Board provides annual input on the overall direction of the center, areas that need to be addressed, and progress being made. The Core has also established a Data Saftey Monitoring Board that meets quarterly to review study reports.

In summary, this Core ensures communication and collaboration across investigators, the maintenance of high quality science and translation of the project results to have maximal impact on policy and public health.

Core Leaders:

  • Dr. Eric Donny, University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami, University of Minnesota

Core Staff:

  • Tonya Lane, Administrative Core Manager, University of Pittsburgh
    4113 Sennott Square
    210 South Bouquet Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260
    (412) 624-6179
  • Patricia Schademan, Administrative Assistant, University of Pittsburgh
    (412) 383-9116
  • Jo-Anne Krevy, Administrative Assistant, University of Pittsburgh
    (412) 624-8525
  • Kathy Longley, Administrative Assistant, University of Minnesota
    (612) 624-5309
  • Kristin Yahner, Quality Assurance Reviewer, University of Pittsburgh
    (412) 383-5014


Dr. Eric Donny

4119 Sennott Square
210 S. Bouquet St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami

Tobacco Research Programs
717 Delaware Street SE, Room 258-02
Minneapolis, MN 55414-2959