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Welcome to the Center for the Evaluation of Nicotine in Cigarettes (CENIC) Website!

The overarching goal of CENIC is to determine how marked reduction in the nicotine content of cigarettes impacts the use and effects of tobacco in current smokers. Our research includes human and animal trials.

This website includes all of CENIC’s projects. For each project, you will be able to review the study goals, access contact information, and download study documents. For certain projects, staff can randomize participants, view study reports, and access data.

Funding Source: National Institutes of Health; Years of Funding: 9/15/2011-8/31/2016


Dr. Eric Donny

4119 Sennott Square
210 S. Bouquet St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami

Tobacco Research Programs
717 Delaware Street SE, Room 258-02
Minneapolis, MN 55414-2959